Fairporn Standard

The Fairporn Standard v0.3 has 4 core principles that every production must meet. These standards are a work in progress, and we welcome input from any industry stakeholders.


Genuine Consent

Participating in a scene is ultimatley the decision of the performer.

1.1 All acts to be performed must be agreed in writing at least 24 hours before the performer is due on set for the first time.

1.2 Performers must be informed about who will be appearing in a scene with them before shooting starts.

1.3 The performer is able to revoke consent at any time by expressing this clearly to any member of the production crew or performer on set. This includes declining to perform any sex act even if it was previously agreed to.

1.4 The performer is able to choose and use their preferred safer sex method and may bring and use their own preferred methods.

1.5 The performer is able call a halt to a scene at any point and to have the cameras tuerned off immediately. This must be respected by the producer or director.

1.6 Performers must sign a 2257 age verification form (or local equivalent) to prove they are over 18 and produce valid government ID as proof.

1.7 A designated person who acts as the performer advocate must be available on set for the duration of the shoot. This person is responsible for the welbeing of all performers and relaying all concerns commnunicated by the performers to the director. If the director does not act to remedy these concerns in a timely manner, the designated performer advocate is compelled to call a halt to the shoot.

1.8 All performers and the designated performer advocate must take part in an anonymous exit-interview process with a Fairporn representative no sooner than 2 days after, but no more than 6 weeks after the shoot.

1.9 Performers are encouraged to submit a list of things that they are categorically unwilling to do before the start of the shoot. This list must be respected at all times.

1.10 All written communication between performer and producer must be in a language that the performer understands well. This also includes not using industry or legal jargon and technical terms.


Performance & Payment

The producer has a duty of payment, regardless of performance.

2.1 Fees and payment must be agreed in writing between the performer and producer at least 48 hours before the performer is due on set for the first time. This agreement should also cover reimbursement of costs incurred by the performer related to the shoot e.g. travel expenses.

2.2 Payment is not dependent on what sex acts performers undertake. They are paid for their time and labour.

2.3 Full payment must be made, at the latest, within 4 weeks of the shoot being completed (or withing the contractually agreed time if less) using a common method of payment which has previously been agreed between the performer and producer.

2.4 In the case of ongoing royalty payments, the payment schedule and ownership of content must be defined in the initial agreement between the performer and the producer

2.5 The perfomer will not be retrospectively charged for anything consumed on set.


Health & Comfort

Producers must offer a clean, safe and comfortable set to the maximium extent possible. Performers have the right to request changes to controlable environmental conditions on set e.g. heating etc.

3.1 Water and snacks for performers must be provided during the entire shoot.

3.2 If is shoot is expected to go on for more than 6 hours, a reasonable quality studio-provided meal must be offered.

3.3 All performers must have been successfully tested for STIs no more than 2 weeks before the start of the shoot. These tests must be available for review by the producer and performers at any time.

3.4 Performers must be informed at least 72 hours before the start of a shoot if the status of the set is SeroSorted, Status Private or Status Disclosed. Perfomers can choose to withdraw thier participation without punishment based on the status of the set.

3.5 If applicable, based the status of the set, all performers must be able to show an all-clear STI test (including HIV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea & Syphilis) no more than 14 days old. No costs associated with testing must be bourne by the performer.

3.6 No illegal drugs or alcohol may be consumed by anyone involved in the scene during the shoot.

3.7 The producer may not put the performer in a position where they may be breaking any local laws. This includes adhering to public indecency laws and securing all necessary permits to shoot before production starts.

3.8 Water-based Lubricant, high-quality baby wipes and condoms must be provided on set by the producer.

3.9 The producer must take reasonable steps to ensure that all sex toys used on set are sterilized before and after use and adhere to local safety and quality standards. The performer has the right to sterilize any toys themselves before use.

3.10 Clean, warm showers and towels for performers must be provided on or reasonably close to set.


Privacy & Respect

Performers have the right to the highest level of digity and respect.

4.1 The producer will only use the performers stage name in any reference to the work unless legally complelled to do otherwise. This includes any mention on social media.

4.2 The performer has the right to be credited for their participation in the work. Similarly, they have the right to refuse a credit or any future mentions in connection with the work.

4.3 Throughout their entire engagment (before, during and after the shoot) the producer must take all reasonable steps to treat performers with dignity and respect.

4.4 The contact details of the performers must be shared to anyone they will be appearing with in a scene with and perfomers should be encouraged to contact each other before the shoot.

4.5 The contact details of the performers may not be shared with anyone else without their permission.

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