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Who can apply?

Any incorporated entity may apply - not individuals. We encourage all studios who make ethical porn to get certified.

Because of capacity issues, we may not be able to respond to all requests in time and we humbly ask for your patience at this early stage of our journey - but we will work hard to make sure we can accomodate everyone.

How to get certified?

First Steps

  1. Fill out the form below with your company details
  2. We will then set up an interview with someone from Fairporn
  3. Fairporn will perform an inital Gap Analysis to determine how far are your current practices from the Fairporn Standards.
  4. We will discuss this Gap Analysis with you and see what the next steps are.

Then what?

  • An authorized Fairporn representative will attend the set on the day(s) of the shoot.
  • A report about the shoot will be produced to ensure that none of the Fairporn Standards were breached.
  • Exit interviews will be held with selected performers in the days following the shoot.
  • Successful certifications will be issued at the latest 4 weeks after the final exit interview is completed.
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Get Fairporn certified to make your set more ethical
Get Fairporn certified to make your set more ethical

What does it cost?

Fairporn currently operates on a pay-what-you-can basis with studios while we develop our pricing model. This is likely to change in the future

We charge per certified scene. However, if a studio has more than 7 scenes per year successfully certified it is automatically upgraded to a Fairporn Certified Studio. This means that all subsequent scenes by that studio will be automatically certified subject to our ongoing audit and continuing adherence to the Standards

What do you get?

All Fairporn certified scenes have the right to use the Fairporn logo and certificaton confirmation in all related promotion materials.

Furthermore, all certified studios will be featured on the Fairporn website and social channels.

We offer advice and ongoing consulting on how to improve and maintain the high ethical standards on your sets.

You have any questions, you can always get in touch with us directly.

Start your Certification Process

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There is no obligation at all...just the start of a conversation.